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01 February 2007 @ 08:16 pm
I am in love...  
...in a completely non-creepy way with my little brother. He is an absolute DOLL! I can't get enough of him! Literally every free second I've had since they got here has been spent with him. I used to think I'd be jealous if a new baby came along, but that is so not the case. This child is an angel, and he's adorable, and I want him to live with me! Obviously that's impossible, but I reallllly want to see him, a lot. I want to be in his life so he grows up knowing me as his awesome big sister, rather than someone who only visits from time to time. I asked Mom and Brett abotu this, and they said we'll figure something out because they agree it's very important, and mature of me to realize that :)

♡ kdd